Tenderloin Microhoods map

San Francisco is great at labelling itself (via thetender.us)

The Full List:

Civic Center
The heart of San Francisco with many of the city’s administrative buildings and according to rumors, a public park as well… maybe.
Fecal Fountain
A common bathing spot for those “on the move” in the neighborhood as well as being a ginormous toilet for the agro seagulls that hang out around here. Why the stretches pointing to Leavenworth and up …
Le marché
A street market at Hyde & Turk that sloshes around to various sides of the streets depending on the sun and flow of traffic. A great place to find half a bottle of shampoo, your favorite VHS tapes, or…
Little Saigon
The city’s Vietnamese center. The “official” borders are much smaller as anyone who has been there knows that Vietnamese restaurants and businesses spread far and wide like that spicy paste on a bahn …¬† Continue reading “Tenderloin Microhoods map”