Tenderloin Microhoods map

San Francisco is great at labelling itself (via thetender.us)

The Full List:

Civic Center
The heart of San Francisco with many of the city’s administrative buildings and according to rumors, a public park as well… maybe.
Fecal Fountain
A common bathing spot for those “on the move” in the neighborhood as well as being a ginormous toilet for the agro seagulls that hang out around here. Why the stretches pointing to Leavenworth and up …
Le marché
A street market at Hyde & Turk that sloshes around to various sides of the streets depending on the sun and flow of traffic. A great place to find half a bottle of shampoo, your favorite VHS tapes, or…
Little Saigon
The city’s Vietnamese center. The “official” borders are much smaller as anyone who has been there knows that Vietnamese restaurants and businesses spread far and wide like that spicy paste on a bahn … 
Pill Hill
The absolute best place to pick up your OC’s and these days, apparently, OP’s. Ironically, there is also a low income drug dispensary there, go figure.
The Naked Hood
If you like naked ladies (who doesn’t), then this is the place for you with the two main strip clubs in the neighborhood bracketing in one of the few kids parks in the neighborhood in a “class sandwic…
The Bar
Location of UC Tenderloin (aka UC Hastings), a well-regarded law school.
Foxy Heights
An area centered around Fox Plaza and all that’s some kind of awesome at this end of the neighborhood. Also, deep within this fine architecture, that salutes 1970’s Lincoln Logism, is contained the Te…
The Nipple
The forlorn tip of the Tenderloin that’s not really sure what it’s doing except feeling chilly in the fog and sticking out from the neighborhood.
Tenderloin East
A large high-end shopping area for the Tenderloin and possibly other San Francisco neighborhoods. This area is often referred to as Union Square by those whose magazine names equal 49.
The Panhandle
Woe are the transient tourists that live in these hotels during their brief stays in San Francisco. They often spend their days in Tenderloin East or the Official Tourist District above North Beach. T…
The Gimlet
Chocked full of delicious and nutritious bars from one end to the other. If you want a cocktail, you go to the Tenderloin’s Gimlet.
The Castle Triangle
Roughly based upon the three Castillo Mexican restaurants that ply their trade in the area. Rumor has it that healthy living disappears when it enters the Castle Triangle.
Tender Wasteland
The dead space that is/was Boedecker Park bleeds a bit east in this area that is for all purposes, full of nearly nothing but tumbleweeds.
The Post Up
An area full of well-establish restaurants, shops, and a couple of cafes that serve drinks. A fun place to roll if you’re looking for trees and to sell parklet-related construction materials.
Tender Turnpike
A boulevard in to and out of the Tenderloin that funnels all traffic down Sixth Street to Highway 280. This area is a constant, thumping thoroughfare. If you stand still, you can almost hear the cance…
The Whoa-Man
With a number of mellow bars and a couple of restaurants in it, the Whoa-Man is a great place to hang out. It’s also a great place to find any variety of alternative “ladies” of the night… or even d…
BoHo Slope
With the Bohemian Club, Olympic Club, and the schmancy le Colonial, this high rollers area of the Tenderloin is not for posers. Its main export: valet parking.
The Park
Thankfully, the Tender Turnpike flows right in to this area, which is the best place to park a car in the Tenderloin as it’s full of parking lots and lots of people to “watch” your car.
Forgotten Island
Most people aren’t even aware that there are some buildings here in this area as it seems continually shrouded in a fog of oblivion right next to the Tenderloin East.
The Yo
Feeling a little down? A little left out maybe? Cruise this section of the Tenderloin for a “Yo, what’s up? “Yo man” and possibly, “Yo, OC’s?”
The Rambles
A mishmash of a spare parts left over from larger sections of the Tenderloin, the Rambles is a place that will usually find you coming or going from it, but not staying.
The Sit/Lie
The largest area in the neighborhood to sit, lie, or do both just about anything else in the street. These activities are highly encouraged by local activists in the neighborhood.
Delicious Fields
Some of the most flavorful blocks you’ll ever find in the Tenderloin. Often referred to as “opening Christmas in your mouth” and not in a Whoa-Man District kind of way.
Tenderloin Heights
The lead-in to Nob Hill, this area is mostly residential and lacks a great deal of the hustle and bustle of Lower Tenderloin, but it sports some larger dwellings and some high-end restaurants.
Academy Downs
An area that was part of Tenderloin Heights until the start of the 21st century when the Academy of Art bought up a number of buildings and then illegally converted old hotels in to dorms and common d…
The French Swell
A section of the Tenderloin that both leads in to Nob Hill as well as in to the French Quarter. Depending on the wind, it quite possibly will fart in your general direction.
Saint Anne’s
This lightly dipped gulch gave the Tenderloin its original name of Saint Anne’s Valley. Anne was woman of loose virtues who was canonized after she spent a week at the Vatican in 1912. Yeah, she was t…
Deli Hills
With a number of to-go food options, if you live in one of the surrounding neighborhoods or attend classes in the Bar, you know these blocks of the Tenderloin well.
The Hydeaway
A generally quiet, tree-lined, relaxed area of the Tenderloin with several new businesses and a great number of low key residents although the Sit/Lie often wanders by to party.
Off Market
Home to several of the Tenderloin’s theaters which are easy to visit given their proximity to the Park.
Ghost Market
From time to time, a market, only heard of in legends passed down through the generations will appear out of nowhere and haunt this square for half a day at a time. This cycle of rebirth then drives t…
The Money Shot
Prized by amateurs, professionals, and those with just a camera phone, this area of the Tenderloin sports unparalleled views of… the only real view in the neighborhood.
The Loin Pit
This dark, cavernous expanse is rumored to have been created by the natural formations of bad civic planning, as well as needing to have an entrance to get to the subway trains.


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