Wild Executive Compensation for BART executives

A Freedom of Information act submitted by the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) Supervisory and Professional Union turned up some pretty wild spending on BART executive salaries and $27,000 of very unrelated/frivolous expenses like shoes, catering and outdoor gear from REI.  The full report can be found here: AFSCME – BARTReport (PDF) or check out the AFSCME site.

Among the items charged to, and paid for, by the District in 2008 are:

  • Over $27,000 in food and catering including:
    • $2,635.36 on Togo’s Sandwiches
    • $1,160 on See’s Candies
    • $953.05 on Roundtable Pizza
    • $1,300 at Performance POS, a fine dining company in the North Bay
    • $577.15 at Devan Thai Cuisine in Oakland
    • $493.14 on The Glass Onion gourmet catering
  • $23,487.77 spent at local Apple stores or Apple online stores (the District’s computer system is not compatible with Macs)
  • Over $15,000 in office furniture purchases from:
    • IKEA
    • Kantor’s Furniture
    • Interior Motions
  • Almost $6,300 on companies that make promotional items with corporate logos, such as pens, hats, mugs, or key chains.
  • $5,200 on Blackberry devices – or at least 50 new phones over the course of the year.
  • $1,629 on an “Angel Island Tram Tour”
  • Over $1,500 on shoes, shoe repairs, and bags or luggage, including:
    • Timbuk2
    • Tumi.com
    • Zappos.com.
  • Over $1,500 at the outdoor gear store REI.
  • $554.48 on eyeQ speed reading software.

And on the topic of executive compensation, we can find our good friend Linton Johnson (yeah, the guy who took the Constitution into his own hands):

One thought on “Wild Executive Compensation for BART executives

  1. funny, after all this time being unemployed and looking I always find it fasinating the amount employed people make. i am a 99er.


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