The thrashing of Valencia – April 30th, 2012

Last night Valencia Street in San Francisco got thrashed. Scott was there, and he never forgets a face:

 So, rather than describe what happened (since 340958345 other blogs and news agencies will do just that), I think it is more important to point out who did this. But as I’m about to explain to you, I don’t know that I can do that. You see, I don’t know who, the people I’ll dub as the ‘ringleaders’ of the march were exactly. Nobody did. Yeah some of the aggro people we always have to deal with were there, but these guys weren’t it. You remember those asshole jock bullies in high school? Well that was who was leading the march tonight. Clean cut, athletic, commanding, gravitas not borne of charisma but of testosterone and intimidation. They were decked out in outfits typically attributed to those in the ‘black bloc’ spectrum of tactics, yet their clothes were too new, and something was just off about them. They were very combative and nearly physically violent with the livestreamers on site, and got ignorant with me, a medic, when I intervened and reminded them that I was there to fix them from police violence, not protester on protester violence.

I am typically really bad with names, but I am great with faces. I love people. I love looking into their eyes, looking at their smiles and their body language and trying to guess at their life and stuff. I probably will forget your name the first few times I’ve met you, but I will not forget your face. Even people I pass on the street, I’ll remember you for weeks. With that said, I didn’t recognize any of these people. Their eyes were too angry, their mouths were too severe. They felt “military” if that makes sense. Something just wasn’t right about them on too many levels. I’m not one of those tin foil hat conspiracy theorists, I don’t subscribe to those theories that Queen Elizabeth’s Reptilian slave driver masters run the Fed. I’ve read up on agent provocateurs and plants and that sort of thing and I have to say that without a doubt, I believe 100% that the people that started tonight’s events in the Mission were exactly that.

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2 thoughts on “The thrashing of Valencia – April 30th, 2012

  1. Valencia CF is interested in bringing CA Osasuna central defender Alejandro Arribas to its rank in the summer. Valencia CF only has 3 central defenders right now and with Victor Ruiz being transformed into a defensive midfielder the club is going to need defensive reinforcements in the summer and Alejandro Arribas fits the profile.


  2. From what I’ve seen of him he is a decent option, Albiol would be preferred, but he is going to be too expensive and his salary would be rather large, so I don’t think Valencia CF can afford him and that is why they are looking at Alejandro Arribas. Also he is Spanish and we all know Llorente is looking to add as many Spanish players in the club, so expect most of Valencia’s transfer in the summer to be Spanish.


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