Help Save Adobe Books and bid on art by local artists.



Adobe Books, an independent bookshop and gallery in San Francisco, was confronted with a major challenge in the form of a massive rent increase that threatened to close it’s doors forever. Rather than accept the fate of so many historic independent shops throughout the Mission District (and San Francisco in general) and close down, a group of dedicated members of the Adobe family decided to fight back in the form of a major fundraising campaign through Indiegogo and a series of events in the shop and elsewhere. (There’s a show with the Dodos & Two Gallants on Monday!)

Here’s how you can help out:

As many of you know, Indiegogo projects are not funded unless all of the money is received. Go get em!

Some Recent Press on Adobe Books
Adobe Books: An Appreciation

SF Bay Guardian:
Save Adobe Books?

Adobe Books Cooperative Takes Over
Adobe Books Trying to Endure


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