Alphorn Contest in Nendaz, Switzerland (audio slideshow)


Swiss Alphorn Contest in Nendaz. Check it…

Being a huge fan of the Swissland, I wept with tumultuous joy when I saw these grassy tootin’ happy peoples… Below are some of my personal photos from Switzerland during a trip there in 06…

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Atlantic Art Walk 2009

“…the artist as well as the art is present. Each painter guards his own work?appends, that is, to the text of his productions the footnote of his own person. We saw pretty girls chaperoning ugly pictures, and plain girls pretty pictures. We were enabled to associate phlegmatic men with nervous brush strokes, and fragile men with ponderous gumbo techniques. This form of supplementation is more democratic than the one that imposes an author’s mute visage on the flap of a dust jacket; at Washington Square, the artist can he questioned.”

—-John Updike
And so it is with the Atlantic Art walk…

twas Last weekend!

@ Oliver Jeffers studioYoga Stor@ cannonball pressPrints @ cannonball pressPint @ cannonball pressAtlantic Ave dentist tower (the tower of pain)@ Oliver Jeffers studio@ Oliver Jeffers studio@ Oliver Jeffers studio@ Oliver Jeffers studioThomas ZummerRachel MurawskiRachel MurawskiAtlantic Avenue Gallery, James ascends@ cannonball press@ cannonball pressAxelle Fine ArtsStudio  @ cannonball press@ cannonball pressCannonball press

Bushwick Open Studios 2009 [photos]


Here’s a few photos from the Bushwick open studios last Sunday. I saw perhaps 20 of the 200 open studios/spaces, and snapped pics of just what stood out to me. Sometimes the physical art was less interesting than the studio space.
I got a chance to chat with a lot of amazing artists who were chillin in their studios waiting to talk to random strangers with cameras like me. I asked a lot of questions then snuck up on them with my camera! My path is plotted out roughly below. For the full map + list of artists, download this pdf.
Oliver Warden @ Robot bigfoot. Besides some awesome large scale drip oils, he created a set of screenshots from Counter Strike (as c-prints in very high res) that he said explored the Iraq war, its outcome, and their uncertainties.

Also met Fred Harper whose caricatures I had seen before…
He does awesome caricatures for ‘The Week’ like this:

Here is the general path I took..


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WWII in Color


This is my favorite photo in a set of many posted over at Demonicus.

The way the men vacantly stare at both the plant and the woman’s action (improving the table) speak to trauma memory nature humanity and on and on and on.

They are officers. (notice the stripes on their coats). But can we also read how many soldiers they have lost? Have they even seen battle yet?