Shoplifting from America Apparel (film) — Needs your support

Over the past few years, literary works by Tao Lin have gained increasing popularity, drawing thousands of fans to the unique worlds created in Richard YatesEeeee Eee Eeee, and Shoplifting from American Apparel.  When Lin’s novella was released on Melville House, director Pirooz Kalayeh entered negotiations with the author and publisher to bring the project to the silver screen. Initially planning on a lavish budget with producer Mark Parsia (Co-producer, THE HUMAN WAR), the economic downturn catalyzed a new approach to the film that would utilize both documentary and narrative techniques to highlight writers within the virtual world (Noah Cicero, Brad Warner, Bebe Zeva, Jordan Castro, and Tao Lin) and incorporate new media and animation techniques to reflect the novella’s nuances alongside the current economic challenges of creating independent cinema.

Check out their IndieGoGo page and throw em some bones!

My friend James Roehl is acting in/producing this amazing-looking movie soon-to-be made movie. Previously on this site, James has allowed me to broadcast his incredible radio plays Space Nites & Randalph, Geoey, & Tommy. Anything he touches is golden, so help him out.

Trailer below:

Quickly block all content from Facebook in one swoop

Want to block Facebook entirely for yourself or someone you care about? It’s easy.
Instructions for a Mac OS X:

Step 1:

Open up Terminal (It’s in Applications/Utilities) and enter this text and hit enter, followed by your password:

sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

This is your hosts file, which is the first place your computer checks for DNS lookups.

Step 2:

Add this line:

Once your hosts file looks like this, save it: hosts

Open Terminal again and insert this: dscacheutil -flushcache. Then restart your browsers and your machine to be certain your DNS cache is flushed down the drain.

On a PC:

1) Right click on Notepad and pick Run as administrator. Click on File then Open then browse to windowssystem32driversetc In the drop down list change Text files (*.txt) to All files (*.*)

2) Open the hosts file and add

Reduce those life minutes:
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Bookish @ Adobe Books Backroom Gallery [art tonight]

Update: (image from the room)
Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 3.35.49 PM

Bookish, in the Adobe Books Backroom Gallery Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 4.49.11 PM

22 September – October 25, 2009
Where: Adobe Books Back gallery

3166 16th Street, SF, CA [Facebook event]

Curated by Devon Bella

Adobe Books Backroom Gallery presents Bookish, the inaugural exhibition celebrating the Backroom Gallery’s recent renovation and exciting transformation. To mark this special occasion, and to call attention to the position of the gallery within the context of the famed Adobe Bookshop, the exhibition will feature a range of artistic practices that share the book as an object of inquiry. Through various media including sculpture, painting, photography and social practice, each artist will animate varying questions based on our relationships to books.

Patricia Augsburger
Jennifer Brandon
Sonya Derman
Harrell Fletcher
Katie Herzog
Arthur Huang
Jennie Ottinger
Nat Russell
Orion Shepherd
Sonny Smith
Michael Swaine
Nicolas Torres
Jina Valentine
Scot Velardo

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 4.59.33 PM
Photo via Adobe books backroom  blog


Little Paper Planes

Dot Matrix Project: CC in action [recommended]


Awesome example of the Creative Commons in action over at the dotmatrix project. It’s a group of photographers, bands, videographers in Greensboro, NC who do ‘real Hollywood’ without all the baggage. From their ‘about’ page:

We’re a collective of musicians, photographers, videographers & sound engineers who put on and document live shows to expose our talents to an audience beyond the confines of a small venue within a small town.

Filmmakers have an opportunity to direct the music videos for a show, collaborate with shooters of their choice and actual musicians and walk away with a killer portfolio piece. Our photographers range from pros to amateurs, but they’re all looking to improve shooting live music and, again, build up their portfolio.

All DMP media is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. What that means is that as long as people provide attribution and link back to the original creators of the media, they can use it however they see fit as long as they don’t make money off it.

And more comforting words (for the fate of The Creative Person amongst the Web) From a recent post “Thinking about CCommunity“:

By licensing all of our work under a Creative Commons (CC) license — one that allows non-commercial share-alike reuse and remixing with attribution — DMP participants are continuously contributing creative material, with structured data of attribution, location and subject matter, to the commons; material that is optimized for discovery (check out the results for a “greensboro music” search on flickr), to then be enjoyed and potentially shared and/or re-purposed out of a person’s connection with both the media and its subject matter.

rad, but the monetization looks possible only for selling live recordings… It’s more of an unpaid internship (which can be fun fun fun) for everyone else.