Headphones to dream on (jbuds j3)

I’ve had a lotta earbuddies, but these Jbud J3s are my favorite ear buddies: crispy AND bouncy. I love a tiny hifi speaker shoved directly in my brain, blocking all other possible sounds out. This song ‘I like Christmas‘ sounds especially cheery in my Xmas dome. (thanks Rubin)

Bushwick Open Studios 2009 [photos]


Here’s a few photos from the Bushwick open studios last Sunday. I saw perhaps 20 of the 200 open studios/spaces, and snapped pics of just what stood out to me. Sometimes the physical art was less interesting than the studio space.
I got a chance to chat with a lot of amazing artists who were chillin in their studios waiting to talk to random strangers with cameras like me. I asked a lot of questions then snuck up on them with my camera! My path is plotted out roughly below. For the full map + list of artists, download this pdf.
Oliver Warden @ Robot bigfoot. Besides some awesome large scale drip oils, he created a set of screenshots from Counter Strike (as c-prints in very high res) that he said explored the Iraq war, its outcome, and their uncertainties.

Also met Fred Harper whose caricatures I had seen before…
He does awesome caricatures for ‘The Week’ like this:

Here is the general path I took..


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‘We love you so’ is the idea-blog for “Where the wild things are”

Like any boy or girl who grew up in the 80s, I’m excited about the release of Spike Jonze’s rendition of Where the Wild Things Are. My homey Rubin (of Rubin Recommends) recently flipped the switch on “We love you so”… a running compendium of what inspired the “…hundreds of different artists, writers, photographers, musicians, actors, and creators of all degrees” who worked on the film. Check. It. Out.


So what’s an example of an inspiring Wild Things-like piece o’ work? Jeanne Detallante‘s work:

Picture 5
via Rubin Recommends

The New Yorker offices (a little creepy)?

Caught an interesting quote by Dan Baum, an ex-employee of the New Yorker magazine. I worked as an intern in the photo department for a semester, but I get a sense of what he’s trying to say…

…the office itself is a little creepy. I didn’t work there. I live in Colorado. But I’d visit 3-4X a year. Everybody whispers. It’s not exactly like being in a library; it’s more like being in a hospital room where somebody is dying. Like someone’s dying, and everybody feels a little guilty about it. There’s a weird tension to the place. If you raise your voice to normal level, heads pop up from cubicles. And from around the stacks of review copies that lie everywhere like a graveyard of writers’ aspirations. It always seemed strange. Making it to the New Yorker is an acheivement [sic]. It is vastly prestigious, of course. And the work is truly satisfying. Imagine putting out that magazine every week! Yet nobody at the office seems very happy. The atmosphere is vastly strained. (via)

In my experience, there’s a hushed way about the offices, but it had nothing to do with death…. it was just the expression of concern that a figure like John Updike (RIP) or a poet laureate would be aurally assaulted by outbursts.

Blackberry Storm [review]

Let’s pretend we’re on Livejournal:
Mood: Pissed
Current Music: Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23

I made the terrible mistake of trusting my blackberry storm. I installed Google sync—a beautiful concept—that got my gmail contacts onto my phone. When I added a contact on my phone, it would weasel its way into my gmail contacts. I had a nice backup of new phone numbers and email addresses I received.

As I was walking around the Armory show in NYC, my phone went on the fritz. None of the buttons did anything. The battery drained quickly and I figured it was just tired. It gets that way sometime. So I let it be.

Two days later, like a fool waking up from a coma, my phone started working again. It forgot all the settings I adjusted to forcibly make it suck less than it should… and it lost all my contacts I added since I got it. Google sync, in its infinite wisdom, saw this emptiness as a change that must be mirrored! Of course! Synchronize this failure of humanity! The social forays of the past 3 months were for naught.

I lost a lot. But it’s ok now. I’ve vowed to blind the half-baked fools who made the blackberry storm the greatest failure in cellphone history. (That is unless they were already blind) I mean what kind of phone places the mute button on the screen that one presses against one’s face?

Dropbox saved me…Help me get more Boxes! [review]

dropbox logoLast year a meth addict boosted my Macbook pro from a car I had parked behind a Whole Foods in San Francisco. If it weren’t for Dropbox, I wouldn’t have been able to delete my important files from the machine and I also would not have known he used it to burn porn dvds.

I’ve been pretty good at backing up important things, and I had been using Dropbox on the machine for a few months. I had passwords, important documents, tax stuff… everything in my Dropbox folder. I was using 2 computers at the time, and Dropbox would instantly sync all my files instantly between them. Every revision of every file is also stored, so you’ll see the history of every single change–you can even undelete files you used years ago. When my computer was stolen, to remove all my files all I had to do was log into the web interface of my Dropbox and delete it all. I knew that when the perp booted up my machine, Dropbox would delete things for me. He wouldn’t see jack, and assuming their technical expertise I knew they couldn’t undelete those deleted files.

About two weeks after I deleted all my top secret files from my Dropbox, I was still using Dropbox but in a new account. I figured I could see if there was any activity on my stolen laptop–if they use the Dropbox or connect to the internet. Sure enough, they were using my poor lappy to burn Porn DVDs. In my Dropbox was the incomplete dvdrip of ‘Dominatrix 4’ish dvd.

Help me out: I’m running out of space on my dropbox. If you sign up to Dropbox by clicking the logo above, I get more free space! (Yes, this means I may gain from YOU reading this positive review). If you do sign up, you too can discover the nefarious activities of the porn crazed meth addict!

Facebook: Uses and Abuses

facebook I made a 5 minute primer minidocumentary on Facebook. I had a Canon Gl2 sitting in front of me one sunny day and decided to swing over to UCLA and get some facebook stories to share with the internet. I tried to interview a broad swath of characters and I think I ended up with a good image of the kinds of people who use Facebook for different kinds of things. Consider this a rough draft.

Not all are college students.

Some brought up comparisons with MySpace into their answers, so you can also get a taste of how people feel about the free for all profile swamp.

I had dreams of making a comic opus including tense interviews with collective theory sociologists on campus and with University Police to see if they scan facebook profiles (or if I could film a sting operation) but I’ll wait to see how this video is received.

Related: Why MySpace is a Failure of Humanity

Length: 5min 31s. High Quality Download

PROMOTION of something (skype)

Skype. It’s new, and it’s hot. It lets you make free calls to anyone who has the Skype software. Your eery voice travels across the interweb, and freaks the hell out of anyone who works for a telecommunications company.
Freaking the hell outta the telecommunications industry is not what I’m about. I’m about free calls. That’s good stuff.
Here’s what the chairman of the Federal Communications Commision had to say about the whole mess:
‚ÄúI knew it was over when I downloaded Skype…when the inventors of KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it‚Äôs free ‚Äì it‚Äôs over. The world will change now inevitably.‚Äù
Fortune Magazine, February 16, 2004

Here’s a great article for more information on Skype, and explanation of the technology that allows voice over the internet.

And when you’re all dressed to go, get Skype.