Notes from Ireland: “We have to prove we are a nation”

All that now seems far removed from the grim present. “We can complain about a loss of sovereignty and national shame at having to take a bailout, but at least they are giving us a route back,” said Diarmaid Ferriter, a professor of modern Irish history at University College Dublin. “We are going to have to prove all over again that we are capable of responsible self-government.” He added, quoting Charles Gavan Duffy, a 19th-century Irish nationalist, “We have to prove we are a nation, and not a rabble.”

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Today is black Friday but it’s ok.

GM and Chrysler are brands of yesterday. The Nikkei dropped like woah, and now the real crash has begun. May I recommend we all take a deep breath, and hope Detroit does not burn to the ground, that the petrodollar does not vaporize before the holidays, and that the lord of unbacked currencies watches over us today. Amen. And now for some doggies:

This morning I visited . No luck.

Just so we’re clear, this means goodbye to: chevrolet, cadillac, hummer, corvette, pontiac, saab, buick, gmc, saturn…..


It’s going to be a sad day tomorrow on the subway at the wall street stop…