Myspace brings out the best in people

Flämt! by Hannes Iversen
Flämt! by Hannes Iversen

There’s been 360 priceless comments on an article I wrote about myspace, and the maelstrom of inarticulate myspacers throwing down words will likely continue. Here’s a recent gem:

ok , 1st of all yes im emo , 2ndly FTW i mean that in a specific way , 3rd i am a manic depresant , im not greatly social , and some of this stuff is really pissin’ me off! , obviously you have to be an idiot to think emos made this site they made it probably so when emos look stuff up it would take them here.i used to be gothic before i heard about emo , now i know , and it fits me perfectly.and i like it , yah i kan get aggresive/violent ik thats not exactly the emo thing to do. nd ik ppl r gonna say y u even trying to say anithing , well its bkause the truth is if theres NO deperession in chuer lyfe ur NOT EMO!Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! yourea poser obviously! does anione kno how many idiots would outnumber , the population. its not lyke we arent already brainwashed!this iz y i might as well b dead bkause i try to take a stand , and it goes nowhere. im hoppless.!. i wuz emo b4 i knew wat it waz , but i nevr knew that , basically i was a depressed goth….im an outcast aniway , nd i dont kare.!I DONT DO IT FOR ATTENTION EITHER!”( in wayz i hate attention)”i dont kare wut ani1 thinks bout this ,or meh, evry1 has an opinion , but that doesnt make it rite. nd i mean im surprised aniway , that this many emos compaired to so called;”norms”;(slang i really dont use much,) actually commented.theirs so much i wunt to say , but this is getting old , nd long , so im gonna cut the crap!kuz i forgot*cries* =’< / MANY ppl dont get that ; “ITS NOT THE EMO , ITS THE PERSON” , but ppl who dont kare bout the person , nd hates them kuz the label well , i guess theyre not that tru either! and thats reality so yew kan either take that for wat its worth , or lie to urself for the rest of ur (FAKE) lyfe.emo is a label , so is goth , but how is it a label!?….SOMEONE BASED/OR DECLAIRED IT AS ONE!….just as emo wouldnt be wut it is now if it wusnt based/or declaired. SO , for now , thank you if you listened/read wut i had to say , with so many things enclosed in my life i had to get this out!BTW, im not a poser , think that , nd theres probably ovr 100 , or more wayz i kan prove you wrong !, proably more than i kan count , mabey even things i dont kno about myself…also , mah dad waz a hippie! but they had bad style. ok , finally ; BYE!

I actually haven’t read, I just thought one of you might want to. Here’s another one I haven’t read, but the poor guy put an afternoon into writing it. Probably longer than it took to write my piece of crap:

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