International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Shut Down by Judge on Allofmp3 case

After a ridiculous and drawn out court case against (Russian web-based music store similar to the Itunes store) a Russian judge found no wrongdoing on the part of Allofmp3. Because was legitimately paying royalties to ROMS (Russian Royalties Collection) they were told they could keep on movin on.
This means the world can once again download songs legally at a price that is far more fair than the base .99 cent price set by the Itunes store monopoly. Here’s an explanation why Allofmp3 is cheaper:

Unlike some US-based music stores such as Apple’s iTunes Store, AllOfMP3 charges for the volume of data downloaded, not for individual songs. As of August 13, 2006, the basic price for downloaded music is US$0.03 per megabyte, increased from the previous US$0.02 per megabyte set on January 15, 2005. Previously, the price per megabyte was only US$0.01. As a basis of comparison, a typical four-minute, 128 kbit/s song downloaded from the iTunes Store would cost US$0.99, whereas this same song at the same bitrate would cost US$0.12 to download at AllOfMP3.

This price is often reduced by a complicated system of discounts based on cumulative usage, promotions, and type of payment. These discounts can reduce the effective price of downloads by up to one third of the original cost.

This is great news. With AllofMp3 back in business, perhaps open source solutions like SongBird will incorporate it to produce an Itunes Killer. That’ll be the day.

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    The Internet Cracks me up

    The internet blows me away! Too many people, too much time, and too much data. Some people think they can find anything, as I recently found when I checked some stats that this website automagically collects:

    Friends at work

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