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Recently I went to a cat show in Burlington Vermont. The set. Also check out Willa’s set.

Here’s new stuff that’s going on in the world of text:

via ‘looking busy for a living

…I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon among the dozens of professionals I know who’ve been laid off, downsized or fired in recent months: their new job is to look busy, for the sake of their employed friends and prospective employers. They’re always running to meetings, constantly working on proposals, and forever developing new projects.

They’re online 24 hours a day, updating their Facebook profiles and IM-ing each other and Twittering away about their plans. They’re devoting every ounce of energy to figuring out what’s next as they race around the city having lunch, darting into Apple stores or standing on street corners with their iPhones, checking their dwindling supply of emails.

I call it Social Notworking. It’s a trend that pits the unemployed—the outofworkaholics who won’t stop until they get back in the game—against their former colleagues, often younger, who still have their jobs. It’s Generation Y versus the “Why Me?” Generation, and it’s going to get worse as New York’s once-vibrant, once-fully employed professional world keeps shrinking.

Son of Nixon regarding the book Cheney must inevitably write:

Cheney’s only real problem as an author seeking redemption and reputation will also be similar to Nixon’s. It is a Wizard of Oz problem, for he dare not pull back the curtain to fully reveal himself, because he is much more interesting, if not awesome, when hiding. In addition, he must be careful not reveal illegal behavior, for the statute of limitations for war crimes runs eight years, and I doubt Cheney truly wants to test his belief that when the vice president does it, it is not illegal.

Not a ‘read’ but a good look: Visual Dyslexia

Collection of visuals and experience from all areas of live that visually explain feeling, thinking, seeing, hearing and understanding of a dyslexic mind to a non-dyslexic and vice versa. Suitable comments of any format are invited, spelling mistakes are expected and appreciated.

Tv Tropes — a site worth exploring if you’ve ever sat in front of a TV.

What is this about?: This wiki is a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. We dip into the cauldron of story, whistle up a hearty spoonful and splosh it in front of you to devour to your heart’s content.

Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members’ minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés. The word clichéd means “stereotyped and trite”. In other words, dull and uninteresting. We are not looking for dull and uninteresting entries. We are here to recognize tropes and play with them, not to make fun of them.

Myspace brings out the best in people

Flämt! by Hannes Iversen
Flämt! by Hannes Iversen

There’s been 360 priceless comments on an article I wrote about myspace, and the maelstrom of inarticulate myspacers throwing down words will likely continue. Here’s a recent gem:

ok , 1st of all yes im emo , 2ndly FTW i mean that in a specific way , 3rd i am a manic depresant , im not greatly social , and some of this stuff is really pissin’ me off! , obviously you have to be an idiot to think emos made this site they made it probably so when emos look stuff up it would take them here.i used to be gothic before i heard about emo , now i know , and it fits me perfectly.and i like it , yah i kan get aggresive/violent ik thats not exactly the emo thing to do. nd ik ppl r gonna say y u even trying to say anithing , well its bkause the truth is if theres NO deperession in chuer lyfe ur NOT EMO!Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! yourea poser obviously! does anione kno how many idiots would outnumber , the population. its not lyke we arent already brainwashed!this iz y i might as well b dead bkause i try to take a stand , and it goes nowhere. im hoppless.!. i wuz emo b4 i knew wat it waz , but i nevr knew that , basically i was a depressed goth….im an outcast aniway , nd i dont kare.!I DONT DO IT FOR ATTENTION EITHER!”( in wayz i hate attention)”i dont kare wut ani1 thinks bout this ,or meh, evry1 has an opinion , but that doesnt make it rite. nd i mean im surprised aniway , that this many emos compaired to so called;”norms”;(slang i really dont use much,) actually commented.theirs so much i wunt to say , but this is getting old , nd long , so im gonna cut the crap!kuz i forgot*cries* =’< / MANY ppl dont get that ; “ITS NOT THE EMO , ITS THE PERSON” , but ppl who dont kare bout the person , nd hates them kuz the label well , i guess theyre not that tru either! and thats reality so yew kan either take that for wat its worth , or lie to urself for the rest of ur (FAKE) lyfe.emo is a label , so is goth , but how is it a label!?….SOMEONE BASED/OR DECLAIRED IT AS ONE!….just as emo wouldnt be wut it is now if it wusnt based/or declaired. SO , for now , thank you if you listened/read wut i had to say , with so many things enclosed in my life i had to get this out!BTW, im not a poser , think that , nd theres probably ovr 100 , or more wayz i kan prove you wrong !, proably more than i kan count , mabey even things i dont kno about myself…also , mah dad waz a hippie! but they had bad style. ok , finally ; BYE!

I actually haven’t read, I just thought one of you might want to. Here’s another one I haven’t read, but the poor guy put an afternoon into writing it. Probably longer than it took to write my piece of crap:

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Warehouses, Long Johns, and other ways to survive the recession [photos]

In an afternoon, I met a certain executive at a recession -proof blogging company, had the greatest taco of my life, then attended a dinner party with my sister where I met Matt Rubin [], a wine connoisseur, and long john fanatics. The next moment I found myself in a indoor commercial space wearing hannah anderson long johns. What I would like to bring to your attention is the nature of the the repurposed (but not rezoned) commercial turned residential space. It was a dreamy spot, and I took some pictures:

indoors by you.organ, tub, plants, and stop by you.

bathroom by you.kid bikeschild of the corn by you.arden, katie, matt, brady (in longjohns) by you.

Cold December [photos]

Well because all these photos are on Flickr, and one can find their titles by simply mashing on them, I won’t bother putting titles. It would kind of break of layout too.

These are a set of photos taken by me (During December) in Vemont, New York, Poughkeepsie, and elsewhere.
snow drive by you.joey in bed by you.satelite by you.chimney, danville, vermont by you.IMG_9557  2008-12-13 at 22-24-49 by you.needtitles by you.obama in ice by you.Sammy hagar by you.DSC02149 by you.needtitles by projectteabag art

Photograph Of Jesus by Laurie Hill [video]

At 6 minutes long, watching this entire film felt like an enormous task simply because I was on youtube. I’m so used to skipping between clips and such, but this short film about peculiar requests made by visitors to the Getty Images collection got me hooked. It’s a whimsical neo-animation adventure that plays in the sandbox of magical realism, alternative history, and historical memory. It ought to win some awards, or perhaps it has. Here’s some info:

Short and Sweet has teamed up with Getty Images to launch a film challenge with a twist.
Getty Images approached producer Basil Stephens and Short and Sweet founder Julia Stephenson with the idea of setting up a film competition which would make use of images in Getty’s Hulton Archive. Stephenson drew from her in-depth knowledge of the short film arena to suggest a selection of talented filmmakers.
After picking out ten up-and-coming directors, she gave them the opportunity to pitch. Four of the filmmakers made it on to the shortlist and got the chance to realise their ideas. They were given three months to create their films.

And here’s one that did not win, but is equally worth your time…

Thinking about Photos

I’m overwhelmed with a lot of aspects of New York. But when I think of what I want to photograph, it’s hard to think about what I wanna capture. After spending 21 days as a real resident of Brooklyn, NY, I definitely could see more to get that “critical distance” to finally start taking meaningful photos. And by meaningful, I mean important to me as a moment in time, shown in a way that may survive as a compelling image-memory of that moment.

Because I went to school nearby, had internships in the city, and traveled with my family to NY over the years, I’ve had a lot of outsider experience with the city. Having a key to open my own door, however, is a new thing.

There’s some images near where I work and live that I’d like to photograph, but It’s far too cold now so I’m gonna look back at past photo times while I wonder if my friend at Citibank (read this) will get fired.

Here’s some I’d like to share:

spinna flame by you.

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