The Pirate’s Dilemma (trailer)

There’s a growing number of documentaries about the grinding issues of piracy and digital media in this wild wild age of ours. The Pirate’s Dilemma (trailer below) covers some of the historical territory that Steal this Film II probably did much better.

We should all be happy that the complex battles between law, culture, and the digital gray area of piracy have such eager reporters (who enjoy yelling down into the camera as opposed to speaking into it). What I did enjoy was the ‘pay as you like’-priced book ‘The Pirate’s Dilemma.’


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JFK Assassinated because of the Mafia-Busting work of his brother?

oswaldIn a Feb 20th Reuters article, I read

The Dallas County district attorney said on Monday that he could not categorically dismiss as fake a transcript of an alleged conversation between Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby.

The transcript is one of many items related to the Kennedy slaying in November 1963 and Ruby’s trial that were found in an old safe in a Dallas courthouse about a year ago and have been painstakingly cataloged.

In the purported conversation nearly two months before the assassination, Oswald and Ruby discuss killing Kennedy to halt the mafia-busting agenda of his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

“We don’t know if this is an actual conversation or not,” District Attorney Craig Watkins told a news conference. “It will open up the debate as to whether or not there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president.”

The debate has been open since the second he was shot, Mr. Watkins–Where have you been?

The bits of the transcript released so far read like a cheap detective story:

Lee: You said the boys in Chicago want to get rid of the Attorney General.

Ruby: Yes, but it can’t be done … it would get the Feds into everything.

Lee: There is a way to get rid of him without killing him.

Ruby: How’s that?

Lee: I can shoot his brother.

Ruby: But that wouldn’t be patriotic.

Lee: What’s the difference between shooting the Gov. and in shooting the President?

Ruby: It would get the FBI into it.

Lee: I can still do it, all I need is my rifle and a tall building; but it will take time, maybe six months to find the right place; but I’ll have to have some money to live on while I do the planning.”

Wikipedia tells us a bit an elevenfold Mafia prosecution increase since JFK took office:

J. Edgar Hoover was the long-time director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1924-1972), and close friend of Lyndon Johnson.
It is well-documented that before President Kennedy was elected, Hoover rarely acknowledged the existence of the Mafia. Jack Anderson reported on J. Edgar Hoover’s apparent ties to the Mafia, and also the reluctance of the FBI to prosecute it. The Mafia’s financial genius Meyer Lansky had allegedly blackmailed Hoover over his homosexuality as early as 1935.[100] Another probable reason for Hoover’s failure to prosecute the Mob was his preference of easy targets to boost the FBI’s image.
After Kennedy became President, the prosecutions of the Mafia by the Justice Department (of which the FBI is a part) increased elevenfold. The Mafia war that started in the late 1950s encouraged Attorney General Robert Kennedy to prosecute the Mafia heavily after 1960. His attacks focused on Teamsters Union boss Jimmy Hoffa and the Mafia bosses of Chicago, Tampa and New Orleans.[101] On May 8, 1964, just days before Hoover was due to give testimony to the Warren Commission, Lyndon Johnson announced he had exempted Hoover from compulsory retirement and appointed him Director of the FBI “for life” at seventy years of age. In the White House Rose Garden, Johnson said, ‚ÄúThe nation cannot afford to lose you.‚Äù[102] Since Hoover’s death in May 1972, the tenure of the FBI director is, by law, limited to a single 10-year term.

A couple years ago I devoured a lot of the JFK conspiracy work… this release seems to divert attention away from the most cited reason for JFK’s assassination: the CIA’s interest and connection with building (or at least maintaining the current level) of funding and power. I’m not making any claims, but that side seems to make the most sense to me.
I’m sure the Mafia would just go ahead and kill the person out to get them instead of going for his brother. What we read here seems to go against how the Mafia operates.

The Spanish Afternoon

la version Fran?ßaise

And here begins the story of how I was mugged on the streets of Barcelona.
It was around November 15th, 2005.
I had just spent a very pleasant week in the sunny cultural capital of Spain. El Sol shone on the stone buildings and the man urine from the night before stank–but it was but a common vestige of the past night’s madness. I had gotten used to the smell.
I had just enjoyed a relaxing picnic of olives, avocado, fresh baguette, and brie in tropical park of Mont Juic. Strolling down a street a couple blocks from the Mediterranean in my lazy afternoon food-coma-stagger, passing a group of deaf kids signing furiously while playing soccer, listening as the whizzing scooter daredevils raced by, doing all these things at once–I felt like I was home.
I was shuffling along with my new found Canadian friend Sally, enjoying the sights all relaxed-like. After our descent from the cliffs of the park overlooking all of Barcelona, we were making a beeline for The Aquarium near the center of town. On the walk we were deciding whether a post-lunch siesta or a walk through a Spanish aquarium would be better.
I had been having a good time here, but this particular afternoon was quickly rocketing past even the sunniest beach-filled days at my beach back home in California. We soon passed a local church, with flocks of 15-18 year old high school kids milling about and smoking. I was walking on the left side of street down the sidewalk and Sally was on my left. We soon passed the kids and I found myself stopped by a young man on the street.
He was between the ages of 17 and 25, and was of Spanish descent, with a 5 inch scar down the left side of his face. He looked homeless, and I slowed down to see what he was now energetically talking to me about. He stepped up to me–a reasonable distance for such a city–and with a quick flurry of eyebrow raises, quickly asked me:
“Hello! Where are you from?”
I replied “Los Angeles.” and he looked as though he had heard something about Los Angeles the way people look when they want to quickly find common ground. He then even more excitedly asked me:
“Do you play futbol?”
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Massachusetts is a Green Posh Hippie State

BIC FLICK HAR HAR DICK First Impressions Always Last
As you may have heard, I’m a gatherer… never creating, only hoarding and presenting. I would rather link to websites I enjoy than to actually create what’s known as ‘content.’ Blaming this habit on laziness or my limited creativity is none of your business. Whether it’s a problem for you or not, I aim to change all that just this once.
One of my most popular ‘gatherings’ is my collection of Fake State Mottos, a humorous assembly of made-up mottos that cracks up people like me when I’m in a very certain mood. Instead of ‘creating’ my own gimmicky mottos, I’m going to throw down the first thing I think of for each state. It may be funny, and it might even be interesting, but one thing’s for sure: It will keep me up for a while so I’m tired tomorrow afternoon and can sleep peacefully sleep through the colicky baby convention scheduled for my 4 hour flight to Los Angeles. They are below the week’s ‘gatherings’.
A History of McDonalds Commercials
Creationism for Kids
Find Out a Little About Yourself
Find That Song in the One Commercial you saw that one time then on the couch

to refresh:
First thing that comes to mind. And it’s all the heck outta order because I forgot the alphabet again.

#Alabama – This is one of the southern states that I never pay much attention to, except when I send my friends stories about some 74 year old hicko going ape-shit in the local dennys with a shotgun.
#Alaska – I hear that if you ever want to make a boatload of money, you just need to sign up for one of the fishing trawler expeditions… I heard it’s quite easy to rake in 15 grand in a summer if you don’t mind cold water, fish smells, and callouses. I don’t.
#Arizona – One time I was on a committee to choose a new principal for my highschool and one of the applicants was from Phoenix, AZ and the Assistant principal said he looked like a Ken Doll. Another administrator said that he “would enjoy having him as my personal trainer.” Apparently he was good looking, but I could barely keep from flippin out because I saw that his previous occupation was ‘accupuncurist’ or however you spell it.
#Arkansas – I’ve got this Chinese friend with Chinese parents who in one conversation was telling me about something in Illinois. He pronounced the last s like because he had probably never heard it otherwise YES I KNOW THIS IS ARKANSAS… and another friend overheard. So I says to him “Have you ever been to Arkansas [pronouncing the S]?” and he said no. HE SAID NO. Get it? Continue reading “Massachusetts is a Green Posh Hippie State”