MSword font defaults are setting the font defaults of the USGov [typography]

As predicted, the default fonts set in MSword are spreading across the governments of the world…

images from “Recovery through Retrofit” pdf by the Department of Energy. Indicated fonts are Calibri and Cambria, the defaults set in Microsoft Word 2007.  Both supplants of the time-honored Times New Roman.

The People Are Confused about Cambria and Microsoft’s Typographic Dictatorship

As I found it strange that Microsoft Word 2008 brought in new fonts to our lives (and changed the default from Times New Roman to Cambria), it seems many others share my confusion. The following keywords direct to an article I wrote about Cambria and Microsoft’s assumed role as typographic trendsetter. Those who are confused search for:


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Type is Art – Interactive type element machine

'Winston Visits the Stool'
'Winston Visits the Stool'

Type is art‘ lets you arrange parts of a serif typeface (Stern, released by the type foundry p22) into whatever shapes you choose. The above image was made by resizing and moving these shapes:

I’ve always liked ingenious uses for interactive flash programs–I’m still waiting for a flash version of ‘Crayon Physics Deluxe‘ to hit the net. But Type is Art is a philanthropic typographer’s dream: give the masses a way to get a feel for the typeface elements and perhaps if you learn them good, it will earn the typographers more respect in the designosphere. It’s a hell of a lot easier than putting out a documentary.