Thinking about Photos

I’m overwhelmed with a lot of aspects of New York. But when I think of what I want to photograph, it’s hard to think about what I wanna capture. After spending 21 days as a real resident of Brooklyn, NY, I definitely could see more to get that “critical distance” to finally start taking meaningful photos. And by meaningful, I mean important to me as a moment in time, shown in a way that may survive as a compelling image-memory of that moment.

Because I went to school nearby, had internships in the city, and traveled with my family to NY over the years, I’ve had a lot of outsider experience with the city. Having a key to open my own door, however, is a new thing.

There’s some images near where I work and live that I’d like to photograph, but It’s far too cold now so I’m gonna look back at past photo times while I wonder if my friend at Citibank (read this) will get fired.

Here’s some I’d like to share:

spinna flame by you.

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Photo site update: New Vassar Gallery

I can only censor myself so much on my flickr account, so I’ve put together a very small collection of photos at which exemplify the images I try to make.

I added a shiny new Vassar gallery with some hand picked photos from my time within the gates (2003-2008). This album will likely shift as I feel differently about the 39 images in there. Here’s a sample:

New Course at Vassar: The Societal Implications of Emergent Nanotechnology

New Course at Vassar:
STS 254-1 Molecular Coordinates: The Societal Implications of Emergent Nanotechnology
This course is designed to enable you to analyze dynamics and relationships germane to the domestic arenas of emergent nanotechnological research and development from approximately 1980-2006, and, in turn, the enmeshed ethical, societal, legal, martial, political and imaginary implications they suggest.   Our course will place a particular emphasis on tracking the traffic of science fictional concepts and discourses in the formation of nanotechnology, its public perception to date and possible future significance.  Mr. Bennett

My thesis focuses on these themes in the context of Gray Goo,   and I’m very excited that Vassar is starting a nanotechnology course!  

Dr. Bennett gave a presentation on nanotechnology as an ‘adolescent technology’ a couple weeks ago to members of the Science, Technology, and Society department. Though I’ve spent the past several months studying nanotechnology in social terms, he had new broad perspectives on the field.

If you can, take this course. Bennett is personally familiar with Eric Drexler who coined the word ‘nanotechnology’ in the English language. It’s hard to find someone who has as broad an understanding of the issues in nanotechnology as Bennett. He may be that source of nanowisdom Vassar will benefit from.

Job Assistance at Vassar

More dispatches from the Vassar life…. (50 days till the real world)

Sometimes I feel like our Career Development Office is woefully insensitive to the average Vassar student’s sentiments towards corporate culture and greed. Just got this email:


But that’s what kids want, right? Money money yum yum. I want to write them an email back:



We wanna stay in our tower, but we also wanna help people. But we don’t want to work for money. But we need money. And we want to live in nice places like Brooklyn, but we want independence. Conundrums approaching, resolution questionable…

The Dead Kennedy’s say it better: in “Terminal Preppie” (mp3)

I go to college
That makes me so cool
I live in a dorm
And show off by the pool 

I join the right clubs
Just to build an impression
I block out thinking
It won’t get me ahead 

My ambition in life
Is to look good on paper
All I want is a slot
In some big corporation 

John Belushi’s my hero
I lampoon and I ape him
My news of the world
Comes from Sports Illustrated 

I’m proud of my trophies
Like my empty beer cans
Stacked in rows up the wall
To impress all my friends 

No, I’m not here to learn
I just want to get drunk
And major in business
And be taught how to fuck 

Win! Win!
I always play to win
Wanna fit in like a cog
In the faceless machine 

I’m a terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal terminal
terminal terminal terminal terminal 

I want a wife with tits
Who just smiles all the time
In my centerfold world
Filled with Springsteen and wine 

Some day I’ll have power
Some day I’ll have boats
A tract in some suburb
With Thanksgivings to host 

I’m a terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal preppie 

A Class in second life: Identity and Embodiment

Today in my media studies course “Serious Gaming” we’re meeting in Second Life for our unit on ‘Identity and Embodiment.’ It will take place on Vassar Island at 1:30pm EST. I’ll be screencasting the whole thing, but come check it out.

Please leave a comment if you tuned in…

Here’s some screenshots from the area. Warning: digital nudity.